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Complete Financial Plan

We can help you create a comprehensive financial plan for your life's dreams and goals. A financial plan would be a personalised plan of action and would differ from person to person however it can generally cover the following:

  • Overall analysis of your current financial situation

  • Networth and cash flow analysis

  • Investment Planning

  • Retirement Planning

  • Insurance Planning

  • Provision for Emergency funds

  • Providing for education or wedding for your children

  • All other goals that you may wish to include in the plan like travel, buying a car, house/property, paying off your debt etc.

There would be a detailed analysis of your current status and also a clear plan of action with recommendations towards meeting your goals and ultimately achieving your dreams. We can have a detailed discussion of your expectations from us and our deliverable before we begin, also documented, to rule out any confusions. 


There would be a fixed charge of ₹22,000 all inclusive for the financial plan. Renewal fee is ₹12,000, if you wish to renew your plan to reflect all changes in your financial situation that has happened over the year.

After the plan has been finalised and presented to you (soft copy), you are free to implement it as per your wishes. We are not affiliated with any products like mutual funds, insurance etc. and are not associated with any commission through sale of such products to maintain our unbiased advice, however we can definitely assist if you require any generic information on how to implement the plan. Please note that there is no other hidden cost involved.

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