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Unschooling at its best on the beatiful beaches of Mui Ne, Vietnam
Unschooling at its best on the beatiful beaches of Mui Ne, Vietnam

Well, it comes easy to write about being a mom to a toddler. Maa, is what I love being called and listen to it all day. I love observing her react to her monkey, donkey, teddy bear and the rest of her toy family. Its the exact copy of how I treat her all day. Sometimes you don't realize how the other person perceives your reaction unless you see it from outside. 

I have been facing questions about if I have selected a school for her yet. Most parents have mentioned that they would like to see their toddler in school by 18 months. I did consider it imagining all the free time I would get since I work from home with her fluttering around me every second.

My thoughts have always been around not forcing her in a school education system however I have suddenly become more clear after reading about parents who are sailing in the same boat. If you are not interested in the school education system, you can either follow a course and teach your child at home or not follow any course at all. The earlier being called homeschooling and the later called as unschooling. The term "unschooling" was coined in the 1970s and used by educator John Holt, widely regarded as the father of unschooling. We would talk more on unschooling which is what I am interested in. To know how to home-school your children you can use this website:


Parents interested in unschooling, read on. The decision to unschool should not primarily be based on monetary reasons, even though it does form a large amount of difference. I have decided to let my girl be a part of the playgroup or nursery until there is some play involved in the school. Then we would continue our knowledge quest from home or anywhere in this world for that matter. So, the plan is to invest in a vast amount of books, different workshops etc until you can focus on an area of interest and then find a good facilitator like a music teacher, photography course etc. There are some schools that follow alternate methods of teaching with of course a higher fee. 

So if you have decided to unschool your child, you need to let your child free from educational milestones her peers may have achieved. You would need to discuss this as a family and be on the same mindset along with the child when she is old enough to understand. Also know very clearly that you will meet people who will convince you against it, so stick to your decision. You can change your mind anytime and go back to schooling though its going to be difficult. There are exams that can be taken as a private candidate in international boards or give exams through National Open School.

So, you can give your child the freedom to grow naturally and learn what interests her. You can help her become a good human being which is the need of the hour than forcing her into a routine.

I will share a list of schools that follow the unschooling pattern of learning and more information you can use in my following blog.

Also, I have to mention this, if you love travelling like me, you don't have to wait for school holidays. You can use all the money you saved for your child (and you ofcourse) to see the world and learn what no books can teach.

Happy Chilling at home :)

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